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Tumbling & Gymnastics

Please contact or call 254-547-4443 for more information!

Studio Three has tumbling and gymnastics classes!

Classes Offered Tuesday/ Thursday- 
  "caregiver and me" (A)
4:00-4:45 Ages 0-3  
4:00-4:45 Ages 3-5 (B)

Classes Offered Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/ Thursday- you choose 2
choose two days per week 
5:00-5:45 Ages 6 & up (C)

Thursdays Intermediate 6:00-7:00(D)
7:00-8:00 Advanced (E)

254-547-4443 for more info!

Walking age with caregiver or 3-5 beginner/6 and up developing skills. 

8 and up. Skills required: rolls, backbend, beginning handstand.

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Success for life!

Tumbling is a wonderful way to enhance your child’s motor skills. Doing acrobatics like tumbling improves performance both physically and mentally which improves the body’s general motor skills. This is great for your child’s mobility and posture! Learning this complex skill so early in a child’s life enhances their learning skills and their physical response times! While helping their physical strength, tumbling can also majorly improve your child’s flexibility which can follow them into their adulthood. Because tumbling requires specific types of stunts and movements, your child will learn great flexibility and balance! Flexibility is very important for children to learn as it prevents them from injuring their muscles and joints when they are playing or participating in sports. Starting at an early age can even promote more flexibility in your child as well as stronger ligaments, joints, and tendons, which can prevent any growth defects and prevents fatigue later on in life when they are participating in more activities.

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Coach Ailyn

Coach Erin

Coach Mariya

Coach Katherine

Please contact or call 254-547-4443 for more information!

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